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Agnieszka Adamiec Dygus

Surgical Intern

Agnieszka Adamiec Dygus
Agnieszka Adamiec Dygus DVM MRCVS Surgical Intern

Agnieszka qualified from the University of Life Sciences in Poland. After graduating in 2005, she spent 6 months in first opinion practice in Warsaw before moving to the UK in 2006.

From the beginning of her career Agnieszka has had a strong interest in surgery and to further her surgical experience, in 2018 took on a rotating internship in a multidisciplinary referral practice in the south of England. The internship allowed her to progress in areas of surgery she really enjoys like neurosurgery, oncological and reconstructive surgery.

After finishing the internship in early 2019, she worked in first opinion and referral practice on the Isle of Wight, where she continued to develop her surgical skills.

Agnieszka joined frank. Pet Surgeons. in May 2020 to fulfil her ambition of gaining advanced qualifications in surgery and is looking forward to growing her practical and theoretical skills and knowledge.

In her spare time Agnieszka frequently goes hiking in the local countryside, does yoga and whenever possible travels abroad where she can brush up on her cross-country skiing skills. But above all she adores spending time with her beloved pooch called Freddie.