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Devon Crossley

Animal Care Assistant

Devon Crossley - Animal Care Assistant
Devon Crossley Animal Care Assistant

Having previously worked at Abbey House as a Client Care Associate and Animal Handler, Devon was keen to find a more ‘hands on’ role in the surgical side of veterinary care where she could spend time with patients and learn new skills. When the role of Animal Care Assistant came up at frank. Pet Surgeons in October 2021 Devon was thrilled to be able to progress her animal care journey. Devon has always been intrigued to study animal behaviour and her dream would be to own a doggy day care business, she is excited to see what the future brings as she progresses within the veterinary profession.

Devon loves that she can learn something new every day, is surrounded by a great team who can support her learning and of course spending quality time with the pets.

Devon does not currently have any pets of her own, but she cannot wait to have a dog (or two) once she is in the right home.  In the meantime, she is happy spending time with family pets.

Devon enjoys spending quality time with her partner, family and friends, her hobbies are dancing and cooking up a tasty meal.